Drafting and reviewing contracts

  • Are you doing business in the Middle East, the Gulf States or elsewhere in the region?
  • Do you have difficulties concluding your contracts in the MENA region as you are accustomed to in your home jurisdiction?
  • Have you already suffered losses in the MENA region or have you inexplicably failed in negotiations or projects?

MIDEAST Law now offers you for the first time in Europe a contracts “Legal Clinic” for your Middle Eastern business. How does it work?

We offer applicants from all over Europe the opportunity to discuss issues of ‘contracts and contract negotiations in the Middle East’ with your team and an experienced MIDEAST Law contract lawyer at your company’s premises for approx. 3 hours on the basis of your specific concerns. These meetings can take place in general to prepare your next project or – in a specific project – to obtain the independent opinion of a regionally experienced contract law specialist on existing contracts or contract execution problems.

The contracts “Legal Clinic” is non-binding; no fees are charged. You only reimburse us travel expenses of the contract lawyer from Germany to your location.

Are you interested? Please write directly to info@mideastlaw.eu and we will get in touch with you.

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