We understand your business.
In this part of the world,
you need more than legal expertise.

MIDEAST | Law was founded and is managed by veteran international lawyers for legal services and tax advice in the MENA region. We have gathered experience in cross-border transactions for almost three decades and built trusted cooperation networks involving European and MENA lawyers, to the benefit of a broad portfolio of clients from North America, Europe and the MENA region.

Our long-standing professional experience allows us to combine our in-debth knowledge on a wide range of legal areas and business industries with a unique understanding of the particular inter-legal, inter-cultural and linguistic challenges to your international business investments and cross-border business transactions in the MENA countries.

We advise and represent

• International and Multinational Corporations              

• Medium-Sized Companies (“Mittelstand”)              

• Business, Management and Financial Service

• Law firms, Consultants, Tax Advisers and Auditors

• Leading Family Owned Businesses

• Professional Organisations

• Private Investors and Private Equity Firms

• Diplomatic Missions and NGOs

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