• Arbitration Center between a main contractor and sub-contractor for construction of a refinery in Saudi Arabic (Claim for USD 20 mio.), and another dispute between an international and a local bank arising from an acquisition transaction (Claim of USD 39 mio.).

• Advised international engineering company for planning, development and production of all types of plastic caps and closures on a joint venture project with Jamjoom Medical Industries Co. Ltd. (JMICO), King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC) to supply cosmetics industry.

• Represented and negotiated for a leading international market research company in negotiating a USD 40 mio.contract with Saudi Media Measurement Company to introduce a new television audience measurement (TAM) service in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

• Advised metal profile company for roofs, facades and ceilings on public tender to King Abdul-Aziz Centre for Knowledge and Culture, ITHRA Project in Dhahran, for façade works & exterior and interior glazing works, including drafting consortium contract.

• Advised Saudi and German Sponsors for a USD 150 mio. General Hospital Turnkey-Project in Jeddah.

Advised on the establishment of a transportation company in Saudi Arabia for construction sector.

• Advised a leading Japanese Motor Corporation on a joint and several surety ship agreement with the Saudi parent company for export business to Syria.

• Legal counsel to a Saudi commercial agent regarding compensation for termination of a consultancy contract with an international medical care company.

• Advised a major German bank on a USD 100 mio. structured trade finance agreement.

• Representing a ME bank in connection w/ investments in the US and an investment advisor to a Saudi family in connection private equity investments worldwide.

• Drafting and advising on commercial distributorship agreement for a leading Japanese Motor Corporation.

• Advised Franco-German Contractor regarding delivery and installation of control and monitoring systems as well as of communication systems for a water pipeline Al-Jubayl/Riyadh.

• Advised leading formwork and scaffolding company on the negotiation of a German-Saudi Joint venture, the establishment of a Saudi Trading Company with a nominal capital of USD 6.6 mio.

• Advised different foreign joint venture partners of Saudi LLCs in the construction sector on drafting shareholders agreement, thin cap resolutions and giving legal opinion on corporate exit strategies as well on the liquidation of Joint Venture companies.

• Advised a world leading cloud computing service provider on trade law, import and export regulations in the Kingdom in connection with setting up a data center.

• Advised various international investors on setting up subsidiaries or branches in Saudi Arabia, as well as subsidiaries and branch office of Saudi LLC abroad (Bahrain, Egypt, Germany).

• Assisted French energy company in negotiating a shareholders’ agreement with a Saudi company with which they established a joint venture company to manufacture meters in Saudi Arabia and advised them on a host of corporate matters.

• Conducted legal due diligence on a group of four West African telecoms companies.

• Negotiation and drafting of legal documents in relation to a potential private equity deal with a world class IT player.

• Drafted (in Arabic) an exclusive sponsorship rights agreement to be entered into between a major Saudi premier league football club and a local Saudi mobile operator.

• Reviewed a mobile content agreement for the transmission and reception on mobile devices of football matches packages pertaining to major European leagues.

• Reviewed and commented on an agreement for the distribution of notebooks (manufactured in Europe) in KSA and other countries of the Gulf.

• Drafted construction contracts to be entered into between a SAB sister company and a local Saudi mobile operator in connection with the rollout of its network of retail outlets across the Kingdom (with the Operator as principal on one hand and sub-contractors on the other hand).

• Successfully represented an international organization ICARDA (International Centre for Agricultural Research in Dry Areas) in defending a high-profile case before civil (up to the Court of Cassation) and administrative courts, securing a dismissal of the case on the grounds of diplomatic immunity and obtaining a tax exemption for the Centre following a ruling of the Lebanese State Council (Conseil d’Etat).

• Advised foreign corporations on a wide range of Lebanese laws with a particular emphasis on employment, distribution and company laws, assisting them in drafting, reviewing and negotiating service, distribution and franchise agreements. Assisted Cisco Capital, the lease finance arm of Cisco Systems in adjusting their go-to-market approach in providing lease finance to Saudi companies wishing to purchase Cisco’s equipment and consulting services, by highlighting the risks in their approach and recommending alternative approaches;

• Drafted the Export Compliance policy of Acer and prepared a legal advice on how to set up a scientific and technical office in Saudi Arabia to coordinate their marketing efforts with their local distributor.

• Assisted an Austrian IT company in their acquisition of a transportation company owned by Schneider Electrics and advised them on the corporate issues associated with the acquisition;

• Advised a US health care company in relation to a shareholders’ Agreement to be entered into with a Saudi company as part of a joint venture company to be created by both companies to pursue the acquisition and establishment of several health care facilities in Saudi Arabia;

• Advised a Chinese company on its commercial agency agreement with a Saudi company to represent its medical products in the Kingdom and assist in having them approved by the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA).

• Acting as sole arbitrator in an ICC arbitration related to the breach of joint venture agreement related to the establishment of a chain of restaurants in Saudi Arabia.

• Acting as Expert Witness (party appointed) in ICC Case arbitration between German and Saudi parties (Frankfurt, German law, involving issues of Arab contract laws).

• Advising a major Arab insurance company on shareholders relationship and Trust’s issues in connection with an IPO under Saudi law.

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