Court proceedings in Morocco

31 March 2022 - Dr. Christian Steiner & Sophie Greiner

“Other countries, other customs”. This also applies to judicial proceedings in Morocco, which are similar to those in Europe according to the law, but in practice have some differences. In court and on the high seas, one is also in the hands of Allah in Morocco.   An overview of court rules, costs, the course and …

Basic regulations on the acquisition of real estate in Egypt

30 March 2022 - Christian Ule

1. Basic regulations on the acquisition of real estate in Egypt  The transfer of ownership of real estate is not uniformly regulated in Egypt.  a) The acquisition of real estate in the urban area of Cairo  In older districts, such as Maadi, Downtown or Zamalek, a buyer – after concluding the purchase contract – also …

Renewable Energies in Morocco

3 March 2022 - Christian Steiner & Sophie Greiner

For the development of renewable energies – especially photovoltaics and solar thermal energy – Morocco has particularly good location factors in various respects and thus offers ideal conditions for foreign investment.