Arbitration in the Middle East and North Africa. Is it possible?

7 February 2023 - Dr. Christian Steiner

I. What you should know about arbitration in the Middle East and North Africa: It is every entrepreneur’s nightmare when quarrels with a business partner end up in court. The risk of this happening is greater when there is a clash of very different business cultures, and even more so in a volatile economic and political …

How and why set up a branch in Morocco?

20 May 2021 - Dr. Christian Steiner

By establishing a branch in Morocco, a foreign company can expand its business without the need to create a company under Moroccan law. The term branch refers to a stable entity that belongs to a parent company and has a certain degree of management and direction autonomy, but does not have legal personality.

Real estate acquisition in Morocco

16 October 2020 - Dr. Christian Steiner

Real estate purchase in Morocco. Legal framework for the acquisition of real estate in Morocco by foreigners.

Efforts to Incentivise Foreign Investment in the Maghreb States

20 February 2020 - Dr. Christian Steiner

Speaking of the rule of law and doing business, the Maghreb countries Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria are not those that many would usually think of in particularly outstanding terms. Rather would the Nordic countries or Singapore spring to mind, and, in fact, they do lead most relevant rankings. Frankly, reaching those countries’ levels of efficiency …

Manager liability in Morocco

4 February 2019 - Dr. Christian Steiner

Those who approach management tasks in Morocco with the same care as they would in Europe are not exposed to any particular risks. The greatest risk for a foreign managing director is to underestimate the linguistic and cultural challenges.